A+ Laundromat – Wantirna

A+ Laundromat: Where A+ Quality Meets A+ Service! At A+ Laundromat, they believe in providing residents of Wantirna with nothing but the very best. Their commitment to excellence ensures that your laundry experience is top-notch every single time.  

🧺 9 Large Huebsch Industrial Washing Machines 🧺 

With their cutting-edge technology and spacious machines, your clothes will receive the A+ treatment they deserve. It’s laundry perfection in every cycle! A+ Laundromat proudly presents 9 large Huebsch Industrial Washing Machines capable of handling loads up to an astounding 27KG.  

💨 7 Huebsch Industrial Stacked Dryers 💨 

Experience the pinnacle of drying efficiency at A+ Laundromat. A+ Laundromat boasts 7 Huebsch Industrial Stacked Dryers (14 dryers) designed to deliver exceptional results. With these advanced dryers, your clothes will be treated with care and emerge beautifully dry, ready to showcase their A+ freshness. 

💳 Coin and Credit Card Payments Available 💳 

At A+ Laundromat, they value convenience and flexibility. That’s why they offer both coin and credit card payment options. The choice is yours! 

Visit them at Shop 8, 348 Mountain Highway, Wantirna, VIC 3152, and discover why they are the talk of the town when it comes to laundry services.  

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A+ Laundromat – Wantirna is located at Shop 8 348 Mountain Highway Wantirna, VIC 3152