Enviro Laundromat |Monbulk, Victoria

Enviro Laundromat

Have you heard of the latest environmentally friendly laundromat in Monbulk? Now residents and students in the thriving Suburb of Monbulk Victoria can enjoy and have easy access to the eco-friendly laundry service of Enviro Laundromat.

This laundromat is conveniently located at 37-39 main road Monbulk Victoria – Woolworths car-park next to Edison Baker. 

Cleaner and greener. Enviro Laundromat is equipped with 8 enormous Huebsch Industrial Washers with sizes varies from 9kg up to 27kg and 8 stacked Huebsch industrial dryers

The washing machines are designed to reduce water usage and minimize power consumption with heavy-duty construction that provides reliable operation and assures a great wash whilst the dryers are operated on natural gas. Both are gentle on the environment. Truly impressive! 

The Enviro Laundromat highlights a modern, lustrous and creative interior design. The spacious and well-lighted interior provides customers a plethora of space to wash, dry, and fold their clothes. CCTV is on 24/7 to safeguard the premises. There are available chairs and a long-comfy-table where you can read books, listen to music, write poems, or just simply sit and contemplate about life while waiting for the clothes to get dry.  

No cash? No problem! This eco-friendly choice and doona specialist laundromat offers an easy method of payment via card or apple pay which operates daily from 6AM-10PM. 

Come and experience a quality of laundry service where your week’s washing done in 30 minutes. Super-fast and fully efficient!  

Are you interested in a store revamp or want to learn how to start a laundromat business?

With over 80 stores operating successfully in Victoria, our turnkey solution simplifies the laundromat set-up process.

Enviro Laundromat
Enviro Laundromat
Enviro Laundromat

Enviro Laundromat is located at Shop 4, 37-39 Main Road Monbulk VIC