Laundre Coomera, Queensland Laudromat

Welcome to the brand-new laundry location: Laundre – Coomera, situated at Shop 3, 334 Foxwell Rd in Coomera, Queensland. 

Laundre is excited to offer you a state-of-the-art facility equipped with cutting-edge laundry equipment to meet all your laundering needs. With a total of eight large Huebsch Industrial Washing Machines capable of accommodating loads up to a whopping 27 kilograms, and an additional four Huebsch Industrial Stacked Dryers, they ensure efficient and convenient service. 

Embracing modern convenience, Laundre – Commera exclusively accept credit card payments, eliminating the hassle of searching for loose change. Get ready to experience a seamless laundry experience at the newest laundromat in Coomera!

Are you interested in a store revamp or want to learn how to start a laundromat business?

Are you intrigued by the prospect of revitalizing your existing laundromat store or embarking on a new venture as a laundromat entrepreneur? 

Join the growing wave of laundromat business owners who have found immense success in starting their own laundromat with us! With a remarkable track record of over 80 flourishing stores operating triumphantly through-out Victoria & Queensland, our turnkey solution offers a streamlined approach to simplify the entire set-up process.

Schedule a no-obligation discovery call where you can learn what is needed to build a prosperous laundromat business and unlock your entrepreneurial potential with our proven turn-key laundromat solutions.

Laundre – Coomera is located at Shop 3, 334 Foxwell Rd Coomera QLD 4209