Laundrozone – St Helena

St. Helena, Victoria has a new laundromat! We want to welcome the latest laundromat, LaundrOzone, conveniently located in the St. Helena Market Place. With Coles/Woolworths & Cafes around the area, clients can use their free time very efficiently while their laundry is being washed.

The interior is spacious and inviting and offers ample room to handle all laundry tasks. The laundromat features 8 large Huebsch Industrial Washing Machines up to a massive 27KG to tackle any load! And 16 Huebsch Industrial Stacked Dryers make the drying process fast and easy!

To ensure100% sanitization and deodorization, the laundromat is equipped with Ozone Sanitization technology that kills germs and bacteria without the need for harsh chemicals that can damage fabrics.

Washing all your King size bedding in less than 30 minutes using the latest Huebsch Industrial Touch Screen Industrial Washers that even accept credit/debit card payments!

We invite all residents in the area to drop in with their laundry and experience the difference in the quality of washing, drying, and service they will receive at LaundrOzone.

Are you interested in a store revamp or want to learn how to start a laundromat business?

With over 80 stores operating successfully in Victoria, our turnkey solution simplifies the laundromat set-up process.

LaundrOzone is located at Market Place, Shop 1C/214 Aqueduct Rd, St Helena VIC 3088