Oak Park Laundry

Atomic - Oak Park Coin Laundry
Oak Park Coin Laundry
Atomic - Oak Park Coin Laundry

A brand new IPSO coin laundry has opened its doors in Oak Park! With a sleek and modern design, Oak Park Laundry boasts the latest industrial IPSO Coin Laundry Equipment. Featuring 10x IPSO Industrial Washing Machines and 8 IPSO Stacked Industrial Dryers, you will never get caught waiting for an available machine again!

Are you interested in a store revamp or want to learn how to start a laundromat business?

With over 80 stores operating successfully in Victoria, our turnkey solution simplifies the laundromat set-up process.

Oak Park Laundry is located at 118 Snell Grove, Oak Park VIC 3046.