Platinum Laundry – Craigieburn, Victoria

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platinum laundry craigieburn victoria
platinum laundry craigieburn victoria
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Residents and students in the booming Northern Suburb of Craigieburn now have easy access to laundry services thanks to Platinum Laundry’s strategic location near the bustling Craigieburn Shopping Centre.

Platinum Laundry features a contemporary, creative & sleek interior design. The spacious & clean interior gives visitors plenty of space to wash, dry, and fold their clothes. With various sizes of washers ranging from 9 kg to 27 kg washers – there is no load too big for Platinum Laundry!

The laundromat is equipped with 10 industrial Huebsch washing machines and 8 stacked Huebsch dryers offering a whopping total of 16 dryer compartments! If you are short of a few coins, they have you covered. You can go cashless with their innovative Bubblepay Credit Card Payment System.

On your next visit to the shopping center, bring your laundry to Platinum Laundry and you will not be disappointed in the quality of service.

Wondering if a laundromat business is good for your location? Learn more about starting a successful laundromat business and review our “How to Set Up A Coin Laundromat Guide” or give us a call on 1800 888 778!

Platinum Laundry Configuration

Are you interested in a store revamp or want to learn how to start a laundromat business?

With over 80 stores operating successfully in Victoria, our turnkey solution simplifies the laundromat set-up process.

Platinum Laundry is located at Shop D1A /420-440 Craigeburn Road, Craigeburn, Victoria, 3064