Your Laundry Named as The Australian Distributor of Huebsch Laundry Equipment

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Australian Laundry Equipment Supplier Your Laundry is proud to reveal that they have just been named as The Australian Distributor of the internationally acclaimed Huebsch Brand of Laundromat Equipment. Vended Product Manager Mr Brett Kruger said: “We are thrilled to be named as the new Australian Distributor for the Huebsch Range of Coin Laundry Equipment and have big plans for the brand in Australia.”

The Huebsch Brand was established back in 1907 by The Huebsch Manufacturing Company and has grown to be one of the most trusted brands in the vended laundry sector. Huebsch is owned and manufactured by Alliance Laundry Systems in Ripon, Wisconsin, the largest manufacturer of vended laundry equipment in the world. Huebsch is renowned for the durability of its washers and dryers and the products are engineered for longevity, reliability, efficiency and optimal performance. Putting it simply, Huebsch is built to last.

Huebsch Laundromat Equipment

“Our customers were demanding greater capabilities of equipment and the advent of Huebsch Command has been a game-changer for laundromat owners,” said Mr Kruger. Huebsch Command is a laundry management system that gives store owners complete visibility and control over their laundromats. This provides a massive benefit to store owners as they are now able to reconcile store revenues online, which allows them to outsource the collection of cash if they so desire. The system is a cloud-based and wireless product that allows owners to access and update their machines from anywhere in the world. This is a far cry from recent times when laundromat owners were too worried to take holidays as trusting others with the cash collection was always of concern. Viewing daily revenues by machine and store, changing programs and remote starting of machines are just a few of the many capabilities of the Huebsch Command System. “This is a state of the art Laundry Management System which is aimed at the sophisticated investor,” reported Mr Kruger.

To complement this state-of-the-art management system is an incredible app-based payment system call Huebsch Pay. The Huebsch app is a convenient and safe way to easily pay for your Huebsch Washer or Dryer right from your phone. Simply select your machine via the intuitive app, make payment and your machine is ready to go. You can even check the app to view the availability of machines before you even set foot out of the house. It will even notify you when your washer or dryer has finished the cycle. How’s that for smart?

To complete the package, Your Laundry also offers their customers a turnkey solution taking all of the headaches, stress and time required out of the equation. Their full-service solution includes the location of potential sites for laundromats, in house design, laundromat fit-out and even marketing packages for the new businesses.

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